How to Create Custom LinkedIn URL

How to Create Custom url in linkedin

  1. Login to your linkedin account.
  2. Hover over the ‘Profile Logo (Image)’ in the navigation bar And click on that (showed in the  image with RED arrow).

    linkedin custom Url 1
      Click on the linkedin profile icon
  3. When your profile opens,find the LinkedIn assigned URL below your profile picture. To the right of the URL, Click on that Setting icon .. showed in below image.

    click setting button
      Click on the setting button as red arrow pointing on
  4.  A new page will open with a right side panel that has the title ‘Your public profile URL’ at the top of the panel. Look for your LinkedIn assigned URL, just next to the url. Click the pencil icon to change your LinkedIn public profile URL.

    custom-url-linkedin img3
                                                    Click on the pencil Icon
  5. Enter your name as you would like it to appear  in your custom LinkedIn public profile URL(But keep in mind that you can get only your desired url only if it is unique or available).

     Click save button(Not in Image but its on the page)
  6. Click “save”.

All done now you have your custom URL short and desired.

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